Cambodia? Man, you kidding me

After an evening imposing on my brother in law, and a morning spent making sure that lessons were all up and running online, it was time to head to Hong Kong Airport. An hour in an Uber (hour one in a face-mask) just under 2 hours at the airport (now 3 hours in a face-mask) flight, about 3 hours embarking to disembarking (6 hours in the same face-mask) an hour faffing at the airport and transfer to the cheapest hotel we could find (7 hours wearing a face- mask.) Why the fixation with the face-mask? Because it was the longest consistent time wearing it that I’ve had so far. Self isolating in Shenzhen meant it was only worn for an hour tops when we braved Walmart, or went for a Starbucks. Not long enough for your breath to start festering. 7 hours and my breath tasted like toothache.


I felt for the hyper health conscious crowd on the plane wearing masks, goggles and full length protective plastic coats. They probably pitied us in our scant for show protective gear.

At the hotel, and we began to feel a sense of normality once again. It feels good to eat, drink, and breathe unhindered. Not a great deal to report here. Tied to staying by the pool as I’m at work and need to be on hand to sort students out, offer help, and continue teaching.

My husband went out to collect provisions and scout the local area. Daughter stayed inside completing school work and battling mosquitos, whilst I swam and floated between lessons (literally!)

Title in ref to Platoon, 1996 (


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