I need teabags

It’s been a busy couple of months over here in China, so busy neither of us have kept this blog up to date, sorry!

A couple of weeks ago, I filmed one of my trips to Hong Kong so you could all get a flavour for what’s it’s like out and about and on public transport. Ridiculous as it seems (especially as most of you reading this have a good English supermarket less than 10 minutes away) this really is the only way to get decaf teabags. The journey to buy essentials, for me, starts off by getting a bus followed by a series of metros. On the way back, I took a shortcut by way of the new high speed train which links the two countries. Two countries, M&S teabags and the shopping completed in less than 7 hours! How’s that for popping out to the shops? Living the dream…

YouTube Link (HD)


Embedded Link (lower quality)





3 thoughts on “I need teabags

  1. That was so funny Paul, especially the last bit, some people go to Asda 😂😂😂😂xxx
    I am well impressed with the bullet train!

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