Hong Kong Sizzle

I’m sat in a freezing air conditioned apartment looking at the beautiful sun shine outside. As soon as I open the door I’ll be hit by a thermal shock wave similar to that blast you get when opening an oven door. Except this oven is more like one of those steam rooms in the gym so I’ll start sweating within 2 minutes. I often see the locals dabbing down their brows with a towel so this excessive sweat is not exclusive to northern folk like myself.

Bagang Veg Dumplings

On Thursday we wandered over to Wan Chai computer centre as it would be rude not to look at the shiny computer lights and technology. That’s not like me is it? Then we took the Metro over to Mong Kok and stopped off at a couple of Crystal shops for my daughter followed by the anime mall (Sino Centre). On our last visit to Hong Kong we found a nice little Taiwanese fast food place called Bafang Dumplings. We couldn’t wait to sample those fried parcels of goodness.

Finally we went to the Hong Kong Cricket Club where the ladies went swimming and I was on guard duty for the baby. You always need to be on the look out – see image below.

Saw this at the HKCC. Don’t see those at Headingley!

On Friday we took a 20 minute ride on the metro to Diamond Hill. After a short walk we arrived at the Chi Lyn Nunnery Not really knowing what this place was about, we wandered around looking at the various dwarf trees, bonsai’s and strange rocks.

A rock and some Chinese characters

We got talking to a guide, who explained the Cantonese in the image below. It was something to do the moon shining bright with the trees. Forgive me, I’ve slept since and cannot remember all of his fascination insights. The gardens here are beautiful. There’s a highly rated veggie restaurant nestled behind a waterfall. Next time we visit this area we’ll check out this place.


Watermill next to the veggie restaurant
Nunnery vs highrise
Pathway to secret garden?

Right, enough of that nature stuff.

We’ve visited quite a few malls during our week here. There are lots of home comforts such as M&S, H&M, Starbucks, and Costa. M&S even had a 70% sale. Well we can’t resist a bargain so spent some time in there along with some other new brands Uniqlo, Fortress and Muji.

Panoramic shot of a mall in Quarry Bay

Finally we wandered over to the New Territories to visit our friends who had just arrived back from England. It’s great that we already know people out here as it’ll make the transition a little easier. That and the fact they have a great club down the street with a lovely pool, restaurant and bar.

Tai Po in the new territories

Well that about wraps up our week in Hong Kong. Next we’ll be heading over the boarder into China. So long as there is internet there, I’ll keep updating this blog.

Signing out…


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