The Big Chinese Cleanup

These guys really know how to clean up after a T10 typhoon. Winds of 173 kph and gusts of up to 223 kph were reported by the Hong Kong observatory, stronger than Hurricane Florence that hit North Carolina last week. We emerged from our shelter the day after the storm and snapped a few pictures of … Continue reading The Big Chinese Cleanup


Mangkhut – update

Firstly it looks like we avoided the full force of Super Typhoon Mangkhut. It's passed by Hong Kong around 100km south. The city has issued a force 10 hurricane signal and I can see why. We are currently experiencing some very severe weather with very heavy rain fall and large gusts of wind. Though, to … Continue reading Mangkhut – update


You may or may not have seen the news about Typhoon Mangkhut sweeping across South Asia. Its just left a ton of devastation in the Philippines and is now heading over to the Pearl river delta region of China. This includes Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen. Quick weather fact. A typhoon differs from a cyclone or … Continue reading Mangkhut

The Calm amongst the Chaos

"In the midst of chaos there is opportunity" Sun Tzu. Way back when I was researching Shenzhen, one place kept popping up as a must to visit  Lianhaushan Park. It's a special green area set to the north of Futian district and best reached by metro line 4, stop Children's Palace exit F1. The name of … Continue reading The Calm amongst the Chaos