Normal Life

Nothing specific to talk about today so I'll just go through some of my normal routine. Well, as normal as it can be considering I've spent the last 40 odd years in England and we're now fully immersed in modern day Chinese culture. My family's school is a little unfinished so for the next couple … Continue reading Normal Life


The Calm amongst the Chaos

"In the midst of chaos there is opportunity" Sun Tzu. Way back when I was researching Shenzhen, one place kept popping up as a must to visit  Lianhaushan Park. It's a special green area set to the north of Futian district and best reached by metro line 4, stop Children's Palace exit F1. The name of … Continue reading The Calm amongst the Chaos

The J Word

That over used phrase. I won't use it, promise. We've taken the first giant step after 6 months of planning. There were plenty of times I didn't think we'd get this far. For anyone else thinking of going through this, here is my advice. Sit back, relax and have faith that it'll all fall into … Continue reading The J Word