The Move.. Part 1

From a four bedroom detached house in rural Yorkshire to twenty one boxes and 6 suitcases. The move, part 1 is complete. Well technically part 1.2 as we spent the last week at my parents bungalow whilst they took leave in Alan Partridge country. We’re now staying in the first of the AirBnB accommodations in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

It’s amazing how much stuff we’ve accumulated over four years. Although, for those that know me, this probably wouldn’t come as any surprise. Amazon could certainly vouch for my excessive spending on gadgets.

Watching the World Cup, Japan vs Belgium in our first AirBnB in Halifax…

So, gone is the Phillips Fidelio surround sound system, the 6 month old 55″ Samsung TV, the Xbox, the Nintendo Switch, the DJI drone, the Philips Hue lighting in every room, the Smart House gadgets, etc, etc, the list goes on.

All that remains are a few carefully selected items that should continue to serve us well in China. Such as: a PlayStation 4 pro (selection of 12 boxed games); a gaming PC with dedicated Geforce graphics card and a 24″ monitor; wireless Samsung Printer; Nespresso coffee machine; cuddly toy… sounds like the generation game! All to be shipped over on a slow boat to China. Two to three months they told us. Well, we’ll wait and see on that one.

Not actual ship with our stuff on..

So, the next milestone of the UK side of this adventure is leaving work and officially collecting my P45 to become unemployed since, well since I was about 20.  I wonder what it will feel like when I wake up and don’t have to drive to work? I can’t wait! I’ll miss the environment and the camaraderie, but I’m ready for a new challenge now.

For however long it lasts, I’m looking forward to the gift of free time. In case anyone is wondering, I won’t actually be sitting around in my underpants playing on the PS4 Pro (well not all the time!) I’ll be sitting around in Starbucks working towards completing a degree in a discipline totally unrelated to the word of IT and Finance.  Psychology couldn’t be further removed. No more replacement motherboard issues, instead straightforward, ‘Tell me about your mother…’ issues.

Next stop, Centre Parcs Sherwood.

Signing out…


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