The Journey Begins

Monday evening, listening to Lee Scratch Perry and looking out of the window at the aeroplane contrails covering the sky, I decided to start this blog. This will be a place to find out what the Steans are up to in China. The adventures, the food, the gadgets, the highs, and the lows.
So lets see what happens. Maybe I’ll keep it going, and maybe people will read it.

At work today, I checked my calendar to see how many weeks are left until I leave my job as a BI systems architect (business intelligence stuff). I thought back to when Jodi got that phone call one unassuming Sunday evening in November. That call turned our lives completely inside out and upside down. Even though we knew this might happen, we didn’t really think it would! It all seems like so long ago..


So, only 8 weeks to go and I’ll be free from that 7am commute to Bradford. I certainly won’t be missing that.

Today, during the regular canteen morning break, Alf told us he was leaving too. Possibly even leaving this Friday. The morning break that had already had its existence threatened, was doomed. Poor Steve…

I’ll miss the coffee mornings. I’ll miss Alf when he announces his presence by calling out a loud, “BELCH.” I’ll miss seeing the regular flow of people coming in and out whilst we continue talking crap about whether PlayStations are better then X-Boxes, or if in Steve’s opinion that PC’s are superior to all. Maybe one day we’ll all meet up again and relive the morning banter. Another place, another time!

Only 8 weeks to go, 5 of which we’ll be without our own home to come back to- an odd concept which I’ve still not got my head around. Just one week at my parents whilst they holiday in Norfolk, the remaining 4 floating between different AirBnBs, and a sneaky break at Centre Parcs .

Next milestone in 5 weeks.

Leaving our home.

Signing out..


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